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The exterior of AbilityFirst's Los Angeles location

Maintco Corp and AbilityFirst Partner to Fight COVID-19 in LA

Written by: Alan Radojcic Original Article: This past Friday, Michelle and I had the pleasure of spending some time outside of our regular course of business. We met with #AbilityFirst, a non-profit organization focused on looking beyond disabilities and expanded possibilities for those with disabilities. Sr. Program Director April Stover and Director of Safety […]

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Camera filming mannequin in construction uniform

Who Are Maintco’s Construction Heroes?

Written by:¬†Alan Radojcic Original Article: During these times, it’s easy to lose sight of the positive. As we enter the time of year for thanks, I am #Thankful for all of the incredible #construction professionals I work with hand in hand. As part of my service duty to the industry, I decided that I […]

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Interior with Title 24 compliant lighting

What is Title 24?

In California, if you’re planning a new business building or renovating an existing one, you’ll need your project to comply with Title 24 of the California Energy Code. This code lays out requirements that help make businesses more energy efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly. The list of requirements under Title 24 may seem lengthy and […]

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A handicap parking space in an ADA-compliant parking lot

Guide to ADA Compliance in California

Ensuring your California business is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is crucial, as California is the most ADA litigious state. Any violation of the ADA in California is a civil rights violation, and as such, may be subject to a minimum statutory penalty. ADA lawsuits cost California businesses millions of dollars every […]

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Man wearing protective biological suit and gas-mask

Store Disinfecting – COVID-19 Reactive Cleaning

Essential working businesses such as grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, and hospitals are currently allowed to stay open. Even though most people are practicing social distancing and getting relief from delivery services, they will eventually interact with one of these high traffic places. Masks and gloves are one line of defense and it is only […]

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