Convenience Stores

Why You Should Remodel Your Convenience Store

Remodeling your convenience store is an excellent investment that can bring many benefits for you and your customers. Convenience stores have become an essential part of our lives, and it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends to stay competitive. Contact Us Reasons To Remodel Your Convenience Store Increased Sales A well-designed and well-maintained […]

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Tips For Planning a Convenience Store Renovation

Strategically remodeling your convenience store can attract more customers, improve their experience in your retail space and boost your sales. From reorganizing your floor plan to improving your product shelving, investing in convenience store renovation can increase your business’s profitability. Whatever your plans for your store, planning the upgrades you intend to make based on the outcome […]

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why investing in your c-store leads to increased profitability

Why Investing in Your C-Store Leads to Increased Profitability

Investing in your convenience store can benefit your customers and business alike. From reorganizing inventory to tackling a construction project, various undertakings can help improve your company and its earnings.  We are exploring the many ways you can invest in your c-store and why it is important to update your business from time to time. […]

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Interior of 7-Eleven on Flower Street completed by Maintco Corp

C-Store Construction and How ADA Compliance Is the Future

Accessibility lets more customers patronize your convenience store and makes work easier for all your employees. Meeting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California Building Code (CBC) accessibility requirements for your store are not optional. Your building must meet these guidelines to protect your business from lawsuits or fines and ensure it has a design […]

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The interior of 7-Eleven on Flower Street after Maintco's project

How to Open a Convenience Store

Convenience stores come in various sizes and offer a wide variety of snacks, drinks, vehicle fuel, supplies and other goods for customers’ convenience. These stores offer busy customers a quick place to grab a few things without visiting a large grocery store. The goal is to make the experience as convenient and easy as possible […]

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