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About The Company

Offering The Highest Level Of Customer Satisfaction 

One of the most important investments a retail business or corporation can make, is the repair or restoration of its facilities. Usually following restoration, a comprehensive maintenance plan is implemented to keep a facility in pristine condition. Accurate quotes, realistic time frames and honest, hard working contractors who deliver results on time and within budget are essential. At Maintco, we are engaged with every intricate stage of the process, from restoration planning to everyday maintenance and repair.

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A Proactive Approach

Downtime can cost your company and customers’ precious time and money. That’s why Maintco works 24/7. We anticipate, strategize, and resolve project problems in an efficient and accurate manner. Employees are trained to respect your work culture, care for your property and be aware of any potential needs.

Teamwork Saves You Money

Maintco works with your employees and management to create a fusion of ideas. This synergistic combination of teams, along with The Maintco Support Program for preventive maintenance management, dramatically reduces reactive and emergency service calls and lowers maintenance costs. The money saved can then be invested in capital improvement and property enhancement. Of course, in the case of an emergency, a crew is available round-the-clock. Maintco invites you to discover the high-quality products and services it offers at competitive prices every time.

More Than 25 Years of Success

Maintco Corp. is one of the most preeminent construction and maintenance companies in the industry. Since 1992, Maintco has offered an extremely cost-effective service available to convenience stores, shopping centers, commercial and industrial buildings. Operational improvements are designed and implemented from well-maintained and visually inviting facilities that put your company’s best image forward during and after construction.

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Benefits of Working With Maintco

Maintco realizes that there are a variety of choices a facility management division has in today’s marketplace. Many companies offer service individually for retail construction, maintenance, equipment, and food & beverage installation.

Maintco performs all these services under one productive umbrella!

Our services include: planning and design, equipment sales, construction, installation, and maintenance. Warranties for our products and services are also provided.

Three decades of experience and knowledge enables us to comprehend the complete picture, from initial planning to deployment and service. Completing tasks correctly the first time, Maintco can help you substantially save.

Our Vision

Maintco’s vision is to become the national leader in providing retail construction, equipment installation, and service, with related management and maintenance services that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our team will provide exceptional service and will continuously focus on improving all aspects of our business using available resources and “best in class” technologies. Maintco will provide total customer service and value satisfaction.

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Our Mission

Maintco’s mission is to provide a one-stop source for retail construction, facility and equipment maintenance, food & beverage installation, and service. We pride ourselves in being a premier provider of facility and equipment repairs and maintenance, sales, installation and service to commercial properties and to retail stores. We will expand as needed in order to provide better, faster, and cost-efficient services for our customers. A qualitative workplace environment will provide employees with opportunities for personal growth and achievement and foster pride, teamwork, and company success. Most importantly, strong and mutually beneficial relationships will be built with all our stakeholders everywhere, every time.

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Our Process

We assign an individual project manager to each client for each job. The manager’s responsibilities include tracking progress, reporting status, preparing and maintaining budgets, and more. Our sophisticated technology and software enable us to plan both simple and highly complex projects from beginning to end. Our prestigious clients vouch for our continued professionalism.


We also offer an on-site digital photography system allowing us to keep accurate records of site conditions and monitor every stage of its development. In addition, our on-site inspection reports are prepared on a consistent basis to measure project progression.

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Why You Should Choose Maintco Corp.

Maintco Corp. is proud to be one of the most preeminent construction, service and repair companies in the industry. We hold numerous certifications, accreditations and memberships, which are listed below.

Certifications & Accreditations:


California Contractor

#696478 B

Affiliated with

C-10, C-20, C-36, C-39