ADA Compliance

Curb ramps

ADA Curb Ramp Requirements

Ramps play a vital role in making sidewalks and other pedestrian crossings accessible. Because of their importance, it’s essential to ensure that your ramps adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. The ADA, first signed into law in July 1990, is one of the United States’ most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation. California […]

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A man using a touch-free hand dryer in a bathroom after washing his hands

California ADA Restroom Requirements

If you are planning to remodel your business’s restrooms, you must ensure the renovations meet accessibility standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). On this page, we’ll summarize the ADA restroom guidelines to help you stay compliant. Achieve Restroom ADA Compliance Today   What Is an ADA-Compliant Restroom? An ADA-compliant restroom is one […]

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Close up of a handicapped parking space incorporating the International Symbol of Access

Guide to California ADA Parking Requirements

With 26% of Americans living with a disability, creating accessible spaces is critical. Businesses and public places should follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design to ensure their facilities meet the minimum accessibility requirements. One of the forefront design elements in any business or public place is the parking lot. This page provides an […]

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California ADA ramp requirements

California ADA Ramp Requirements

California has a high amount of ADA civil lawsuits in the country due to its stringent legislation to protect people with disabilities. Title 24 of California’s Building Code dictates legal requirements for businesses to ensure their facilities are accessible to the majority of the public. Many businesses ensure their property is ADA-compliant to avoid legal ramifications, but […]

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Man in wheelchair at an ADA-compliant service counter

Guide to California ADA Counter Requirements

If your business is in California, it’s crucial you adhere to ADA guidelines. All aspects of your facility, including any food service, reception or retail counters, should be ADA compliant to avoid both legal and reputational consequences. Ensuring your facility is ADA compliant means your building will be more accessible to everyone. However, your company […]

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