Tips For Planning a Convenience Store Renovation

Tips For Planning a Convenience Store Renovation


Strategically remodeling your convenience store can attract more customers, improve their experience in your retail space and boost your sales. From reorganizing your floor plan to improving your product shelving, investing in convenience store renovation can increase your business’s profitability.

Whatever your plans for your store, planning the upgrades you intend to make based on the outcome you want is essential. Learn how a convenience store can be revamped with these helpful tips.

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1. Create a Budget and Timeline

Before you begin your convenience store renovation, create a budget and project timeline. Separate your renovation goals into must-haves and nice-to-haves, so you know what to prioritize. Then, work to secure financing for your renovation project, and remember to leave extra room in case of unexpected costs.

Creating a convenience store remodel timeline will help ensure your renovation doesn’t disrupt your operations more than is necessary. Of course, you’ll need to know which projects you want to take on before creating your budget, so just keep this tip in mind as you explore options, such as the ones we’ve listed in the following sections.

2. Optimize Your Convenience Store Layout

If you’re wondering where to start a convenience store renovation, a new layout is a great place to begin. The floor plan of your retail store impacts how customers move through it. Consider these tips for creating a convenience store layout that suits your business needs:

  • Plan a route: Do you want to create a quick and easy shopping experience or encourage customers to browse? A smaller space may be more suitable for customers who want to quickly find a specific item, while open floor plans give customers a chance to look around.
  • Ensure adequate aisle space: Refraining from overcrowding your aisles makes customers feel more comfortable slowing down and perusing your merchandise.
  • Add multiple registers: Multiple registers and aisles prevent traffic from clogging other walkways throughout your retail space.
  • Improve shelving: Reduce clutter on shelves to make it easier for customers to locate what they want. A graduated tiered shelving system can make shelving more visually attractive.

3. Modernize Walls and Flooring 

One of the first steps in a convenience store remodel project is upgrading your walls and flooring. These renovations are often cost-effective and can significantly impact your convenience store’s look.

Give your walls a fresh paint coat that aligns with your business’s brand. Bright or contrasting colors can draw customers’ eyes to a specific location in your store. Adding new flooring is another way to make the space more modern. Select materials that are durable, easy to clean and will still feel contemporary in a few years.

4. Make a Lasting First Impression  

When customers first enter your retail space, what do you want them to see and notice? Consider implementing some of these strategies to make a positive first impression:

  • Optimize signage: Use colorful signage to carry your brand elements throughout the space and create a sense of urgency about sales and specials.
  • Freshen up the exterior: A new coat of paint outside your convenience store creates an inviting atmosphere.
  • Give customers clear directions: Clear, visible signage quickly shows customers where to find the restrooms or a cup of fresh coffee.

5. Focus on Improving Lighting

Adding new lighting is a major site upgrade but can significantly improve the attractiveness of your convenience store.

  • Provide plenty of lighting: A well-lighted convenience store is more inviting, especially if customers have adequate lighting around fuel stations and products.
  • Create an ambiance with lighting: Fluorescent lighting may be inexpensive, but its harsh glare can be unappealing to customers. Consider replacing these light fixtures with LED lighting, which is easier on the eyes.
  • Get creative: Creative lighting installations can attract customers, help with your store branding and lead customers through your retail space to the areas you want them to visit, like a coffee or hot food station.
  • Get Title 24 lighting acceptance testing: If you’re renovating a convenience store in California, you’ll need to ensure your site complies with California’s Energy Codes. Look for certified Acceptance Test Technicians who can perform Title 24 lighting acceptance testing.

6. Make Your Register Area Attention-Grabbing

The register area is a central focal point of your retail space. Make this area attention-grabbing and encourage last-minute purchases by placing products in display cases, like candies, chewing gum and other small items. Tiered or rotating shelves present these items appealingly and make them easy to grab.

Use lighting and signage strategically over your register area to communicate special offers without overwhelming customers. Installing modern registers that offer contactless payment creates a professional image.

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7. Provide More Food and Beverage Options

Offering hot food and beverages is a great way to draw customers into your retail store. Providing freshly brewed coffee and hot food gives customers a reason to return to your convenience store and makes your location unique.

Add a gourmet coffee and hot food station to your convenience store layout. Having plenty of seating encourages customers to buy a meal and stay a while, which might lead to more purchases. You may need to reroute plumbing if you’re installing an additional sink or add electrical outlets if you’re adding a warming station or oven. Place these stations at the back of the store so customers can view other merchandise on their way. 

You may also want to upgrade your beverage refrigeration. Modern beverage cases use sloped shelves that encourage customers to reach in.

8. Prioritize ADA Compliance 

Achieving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is essential in convenience store renovation. ADA renovations make your convenience store welcoming and accessible for people of all abilities. Obtaining a Certified Access Specialist report on your convenience store’s accessibility can minimize costs from fines and help you attract more business.

Requirements for ADA accessibility in convenience stores might include:

  • Accessible routes throughout your retail space.
  • Accessible doors.
  • ADA ramp construction.
  • Accessible restrooms.

9. Upgrade Restrooms 

A restroom renovation can be inexpensive and goes a long way in creating a more inviting convenience store. Try some of these renovations to develop clean, modern and refreshed restrooms:

  • Fresh paint: A coat of paint on a restroom’s walls and stall dividers is economical and makes the space look new.
  • New tile: Add a new tile backsplash for a contemporary touch and install tile on the walls.
  • Hardware and fixture upgrades: New sinks, toilets and stall hardware can freshen the space.
  • ADA-compliant additions: Make your restrooms accessible to people with disabilities by remodeling restrooms to be ADA-compliant.

Work With Maintco Corp on Your Convenience Store Renovation

Learning how to revamp a convenience store can help make your space attractive to customers and encourage them to purchase your merchandise. It’s essential to ensure your convenience store remodel is as quick and efficient as possible to minimize downtime. If you want to increase your convenience store’s profitability, partner with Maintco Corp.

Maintco Corp is a full-service construction and facility maintenance company specializing in the convenience store industry. Our more than 25 years of experience enables us to provide quality services and superior project management to fast-track projects and mitigate potential issues. We also offer maintenance services to keep facilities looking their best and can complete renovations while your store remains in operation.

To learn more about Maintco Corp’s construction services, contact us today.

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