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Valentine In the Morning: Female CEOs Changing Construction: Inna Tuler, Maintco Corp.

Written by: Valerie Hernandez Original Article:   Valentine in the Morning wants to highlight female entrepreneurs and business owners this March, Women’s History Month and share them! Every morning in March, we will highlight various small, women-owned businesses on-air by sharing what they do, where they’re located, socials, and why you need to know […]

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Inna Tuler wearing a mask while standing in front of a 'We Shall Over Come' message

Covid-19 First Response: How CEO Inna Tuler Saved Her Company

Written by: Team ENSPIRE Original Article: During this era of COVID-19, many restaurants and retailers are being placed under lockdown. Many of these businesses have had to take extra precautions to ensure consumer safety, such as making hand sanitizer available by the gallons, installing sneeze guards at the register, positioning social distancing floor tape, and […]

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Maintco Corp's Alan Radojcic and AbilityFirst's Oscar Franco smiling next to sneeze guard for photo

Covid-19 First Response: Maintco’s Partnership with AbilityFirst

Written by: Alan Radojcic Original Article: Michelle and I once again enjoyed spending some time with our friends at #AbilityFirst, a non-profit organization focused on looking beyond disabilities and expanded possibilities for those with disabilities. Director of Safety Oscar Franco and Development Operations Manager Lina Velarde treated us with a warm welcome. After CDC […]

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Business owner using hand sanitizer while wearing a mask

What Are Sneeze Guards?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses are looking for ways to make customers and employees feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Sneeze guards can reduce the transfer of droplets from coughing or sneezing even when face masks and social distancing are implemented. Businesses can integrate various sneeze guard materials, installation types and designs into […]

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Inna Tuler, the CEO of Maintco Corp

Covid-19 First Response: Maintco’s Pivot to Help Protect the Community

Written by: Kevin Smith Original Article: At the heart of business lockdowns amid the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants and retail spaces have been front and center. Open, now shut. Capacity squeezed. Sneeze guards at the registers and dining outside in tents. Hand sanitizer by the gallon. Thousands of business owners have been forced to pivot one […]

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