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Man in wheelchair at an ADA-compliant service counter

Guide to California ADA Counter Requirements

If your business is in California, it’s crucial you adhere to ADA guidelines. All aspects of your facility, including any food service, reception or retail counters, should be ADA compliant to avoid both legal and reputational consequences. Ensuring your facility is ADA compliant means your building will be more accessible to everyone. However, your company […]

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Close up of the International Symbol of Access painted in white on asphalt

What Is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp)?

Roughly one in four U.S. adults have a disability. To accommodate and include people with disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that businesses ensure that their sites provide an equal opportunity for everyone to access and benefit from their services. Making your business more accessible can ensure ADA compliance and promote a more inclusive business operation. […]

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The interior of 7-Eleven on Flower Street after Maintco's project

How to Open a Convenience Store

Convenience stores come in various sizes and offer a wide variety of snacks, drinks, vehicle fuel, supplies and other goods for customers’ convenience. These stores offer busy customers a quick place to grab a few things without visiting a large grocery store. The goal is to make the experience as convenient and easy as possible […]

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BitBean: CEOs Speak: Inna Tuler of Maintco Corp.

Written by: Charlie Katz Original Article: Asa part of our series called ‘Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A CEO’ we had the pleasure of interviewing INNA TULER. Inna Tuler is the founder and CEO of Maintco Corp., a Burbank, CA-based general construction company specializing in turn-key service, repair, and remodeling of […]

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6 Ways to WIN with Retail & Restaurant Construction

Original Article: — By Inna Tuler — How to navigate the maze of retail construction in today’s post-COVID environment.   The popularity of online shopping has recently seen a marked expansion due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But in spite of growing e-commerce purchasing, brick-and-mortar retailers are far from obsolete. Retail sales at physical store […]

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