Business owner using hand sanitizer while wearing a mask

What Are Sneeze Guards?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses are looking for ways to make customers and employees feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Sneeze guards can reduce the transfer of droplets from coughing or sneezing even when face masks and social distancing are implemented. Businesses can integrate various sneeze guard materials, installation types and designs into […]

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Employee disinfecting a hallway with a spray

As Covid-19 Cases Surge-How do You Keep Your Business Safe?

Written by: Alan Radojcic Original Article: Show your patrons that their safety is your organization’s highest priority by becoming Maintco Certified.  Our 5-step certification process uses OSHA approved processes, and our qualified technicians will quickly and safely complete all phases so you can get back to business.  Together, we can create a #SaferLA. 1. […]

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The exterior of AbilityFirst's Los Angeles location

Maintco Corp and AbilityFirst Partner to Fight COVID-19 in LA

Written by: Alan Radojcic Original Article: This past Friday, Michelle and I had the pleasure of spending some time outside of our regular course of business. We met with #AbilityFirst, a non-profit organization focused on looking beyond disabilities and expanded possibilities for those with disabilities. Sr. Program Director April Stover and Director of Safety […]

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Man wearing protective biological suit and gas-mask

Store Disinfecting – COVID-19 Reactive Cleaning

Essential working businesses such as grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, and hospitals are currently allowed to stay open. Even though most people are practicing social distancing and getting relief from delivery services, they will eventually interact with one of these high traffic places.   Explore Our Deep Cleaning Services   Masks and gloves are one […]

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