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Our Founders

Learn More About the Maintco Inc. Founders

Inna Tuler
CEO and Founder Inna Tuler, CPM, R.E. Broker, has built Maintco from the ground up. “It’s the hard work, involvement, and dedication that has made Maintco what it is today, and guarantees the same kind of attention to detail in the future. A contract with Maintco means increased worker productivity and greater customer satisfaction. It means peace of mind so you can focus on building your business,” says Inna.

Inna has over 20 years of experience in real estate and facility management that involves project management, risk management, budgeting, financing, and planning.

Inna’s Motto: “Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance”
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Abraham Tuler1945-2011
Co-founder and Vice President, Abe Tuler was Maintco’s most important pillar. He was Maintco’s “personality.” Together with Inna, Abe built this business from the ground up.

His leadership, sensitivity, coordination skills, and win-win attitude developed successful synergistic teams. Abe oversaw each department, ensuring their effectiveness and productivity with his vast experience in every field. Abe had 30 years of experience in business and retail management. His legacy will remain present even after his passing.Abe and Inna Tuler smiling while at a partyAbe and Inna Tuler holding hands and smiling for a picture at an event