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The success of any construction project depends on the effective execution of several steps. Each project has a specific set of objectives and constraints. It falls on the shoulders of the project management team to oversee every aspect of the job from start to finish and ensure it meets the client’s standards and specifications.

As one of the leading construction management companies in Los Angeles, Maintco Corp. offers expert project management services. Since 1992, we’ve been helping commercial entities such as retail stores, medical and government facilities, and industrial operations reduce stress and increase project clarity.

Our Project Management Process

The Maintco team includes knowledgeable project managers who have extensive experience in executing a wide variety of construction projects. We implement a comprehensive process consisting of the following steps:

  • Planning: We’ll work with you to develop specific project objectives and create a strategic plan that encompasses all critical areas such as scheduling, budgeting, establishing performance requirements and selecting subcontractors and other participants.
  • Resource utilization: Maintco’s experts will ensure the most efficient and cost-effective acquisition of materials, labor and other essential resources.
  • Implementation: We’ll oversee the execution of the various operations involved in the successful completion of your construction project.
  • Coordination: To maintain transparency and a clear vision, we facilitate and manage communication and collaboration between all parties and institute practices for identifying and resolving conflicts in the early stages.
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Project Management Focus Areas

We offer our expertise in the following aspects of the project management process:

  • Pre-construction: We’ll handle all the steps in this crucial phase to ensure everything is in order before the physical work begins.
  • Estimating: You deserve to know what to expect, so we develop an accurate forecast for all the direct and indirect costs involved in your project, such as materials, labor, equipment, and overhead.
  • Budgeting: We’ll use the results of the estimating process to formulate a budget that covers all essential expenses while keeping your cost constraints in mind.
  • Scheduling: To keep the project moving and ensure we meet your deadlines, our team will generate a list of all activities and milestones for the job and develop a time frame for the accomplishment of each one. The goal is to ensure the timely completion of the project and prevent costly overruns.
  • Procurement: Trust our project management team to find and acquire high-quality materials and services at prices that fit your project’s budgeting constraints.
  • On-site management: Once the building begins, count on Maintco to be there to supervise all the activities and make sure the job remains on schedule. We’ll also make any adjustments as needed.
A Los Angeles contractor typing on a Texas Instruments calculator

Why Choose Us Over Other Construction Management Companies?

At Maintco Corp., we can customize our services to meet your unique project management requirements. We’ll also work hard to establish a mutually profitable relationship by delivering superior customer service. Our ongoing commitment to the people we serve is the reason we’ve been able to build a large, loyal client base in Los Angeles and beyond.

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