Maintenance Programs

Maintco Saves You Money

The Maintco Support Program was developed to save money by reducing the costs of emergency-related maintenance. The program is available at a pre-set budgeted price and covers physical plant and image maintenance. It provides a traceable history of all the maintenance work and costs at every location, as well as a customizable budget and maintenance schedule that is strictly followed. Its management feature is designed to achieve the highest possible yield and the most effective operation of your equipment. No program in the industry is easier to implement or is more effective in cutting costs.

Los Angeles construction contractor giving orders with walkie talkie.
Los Angeles construction contractor giving orders with walkie talkie.

The Maintco Support Program includes the following preventive maintenance services:

  • The initial on-site survey supported by digital photography of the site interior/exterior, structure, electrical, mechanical, including code and health requirements, and more…
  • Itemization of in-scope work and out-of-scope recommendations
  • Issuance of fieldwork orders to appropriate craftsman
  • Fieldwork performance supported by digital photography
  • Work progress tracking; status reports and completion notification
  • Budget maintenance, including used and available funds
  • Capital and major improvement recommendations

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