Camera filming mannequin in construction uniform

A Celebration of #Construction

A Celebration of #Construction


Written by: Alan Radojcic

Original Article:

During these times, it’s easy to lose sight of the positive. As we enter the time of year for thanks, I am #Thankful for all of the incredible #construction professionals I work with hand in hand.

As part of my service duty to the industry, I decided that I would like to create a platform to share. We have all seen the Chip and Joans, Bob the Builder’s, and educational #Discovery shows. But this platform is going to be different. We plan on highlighting the unspoken heroes; The commercial plumbers, electricians, Food and Beverage equipment specialists in a unique way never done so before!

Each individual carries with them a unique plethora of engaging stories. Some will entertain, others will educate, and some may even make you cry. One thing is for sure; You won’t want to miss this incredible glimpse into our industry!

Camera filming mannequin in construction uniform

I encourage you to join us on this exploration of construction and celebrate what its people have to share. The expected release date is early January 2021. I will continue to share behind the scenes previews as we get closer to that date.

Happy Holidays!

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